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The Entity′s history

Caixa Rural Torrent, founded in 1969 by Agustín Fernández Lerma, originated in the Credit Department of the Cooperativa Agrícola San Luis Beltrán in Torrent.

Following the unanimous decision of the Steering Committee and the members of the Cooperativa Agrícola, the Credit Department was turned into an entity in its own right with a separate legal status from the Cooperative, whilst always maintaining close ties with it.

The constitution of Caixa Rural Torrent was signed at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 2 March 1969, reflecting its creation as a continuation of the Credit Department of the Cooperativa Agrícola San Luis Beltrán. At this meeting they also set out its Corporate by-laws and established a Provisional Steering Committee as its management and representative body.

To date, Caixa Rural Torrent has had two business premises. The first, at No. 20 Avda. del País Valencià, and its current headquarters on Avda. al Vedat, which also house the offices of its governing and management bodies, the bank's main branch, its assembly room, and its exhibition room.

Throughout the course of its history, Caixa Rural Torrent has been presided over by Agustín Fernández Lerma, Federico Peris Andreu, Vicente García Piles, José Moncholí Miquel, Vicente García Ortí, Gerardo Puchol Cervera, Vicente Peiró Villarroya and currently Jesús Monfort Ferrer.

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