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Customer support

PoS helplines


Commerce - Physical PoS Terminal Support

Telephone to register and resolve terminal faults.
Operational queries regarding PoS Terminals, billing, operations, etc.

Commerce - Virtual PoS Terminal Support

We offer all the support you need when installing your Cajamar Virtual PoS Terminal. We have a team of experts on hand to answer all your questions and queries in the installation process, operational incidents, etc.

Commerce - PCI compliance

We offer you the necessary support for compliance with PCI DSS, a security standard whose objective is to guarantee the integrity of card data. You have at your disposal a service of specialists who will resolve all your doubts and queries in the process of validation and renewal of this standard.

PoS user guides and manuals


Manuals for Virtual PoS Terminals and Plugins

You can download the various user guides and manuals here:

  • Guide to Virtual PoS Terminals to find out all their functions and features. We also offer our "Operating Manual for Virtual PoS Terminals", customised with our logo.
  • Find out more about designing your payment page, different languages you can offer customers, and the different currencies you can take payments for your products in. We also offer the 'Customisation' Redsys Document, customised with our logo. Guide to customisation for retailers(in Spanish) (PDF 1,79 MB.)
  • Subscription payments. With this feature, buyers only have to enter their details the first time they make a payment. The data are stored on the Cajamar payment platform for future purchases. We also offer the 'Payment by reference' Redsys Document customised with our logo. Guide to payment by reference(in Spanish) (PDF 482,55 KB.)
  • Paygold. This is a service that allows merchants to initiate the purchase process by sending a payment request to their customers. The payment request is completed once the receiver makes the payment via e-mail or SMS.

Manuals for physical and smartphones PoS Terminals (MPOS)

You can consult and download the instructions and use manual for your POS and other manuals on the Redsys website