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Accessibility is the degree to which something can be used, visited or accessed by everybody, regardless of their technical or physical abilities.

Accessibility applied to Internet content is called web accessibility . On the Web, the W3C has developed directives or specific guidelines to enable and ensure this type of accessibility. The W3C working group in charge of promoting it is the WAI.

Web or interface accessibility indicates the ease of access to the website and its contents for everybody, independently of any disability (physical, intellectual or technical) they may present or which may arise from the context of use (technological or environmental).

Web accessibility and Caixa Sant Vicent

Caixa Sant Vicent has designed its new website to be accessible to every kind of person, including the use of

  • Keystroke navigation
  • Texts describing graphics
  • Texts describing tables
  • Print-friendly version
  • Version for mobile phone browsers
  • Navigation for devises which do not support CSS, JavaScript, plug-ins

Access keys

On the website access keys have been defined for each section. The combination of access keys for the main sections will depend on the device and platform used for access to the website. One of the most frequent examples is the combination [alt]+[access key or ctrl]+[access key].
The way to access keystroke shortcuts depends on the browser used.

The way of accessing the shortcut key in different browsers
Browser Windows Linux Mac
Internet Explorer [Alt] + accesskey - -
Chrome [Alt] + accesskey [Alt] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Firefox [Alt][Shift] + accesskey [Alt][Shift] + accesskey [Control][Alt] + accesskey
Safari [Alt][Shift] + accesskey - [Control][Alt] + accesskey
  • Opera 15 or newer: [Alt] + accesskey
  • Opera 12.1 or older: [Shift] [Esc] + accesskey

In the list the access keys are shown between brackets and next to the section they give access to.

  • Accessibility
    • ( s ) Skip navigation and go to content
    • ( 0 ) Accessibility
    • ( 1 ) Home
    • ( 2 ) Press Room
    • ( 3 ) Site map
    • ( 4 ) Search engine
    • ( 5 ) Access to Electronic Banking
    • ( 6 ) Help - Tu Caja Responde
    • ( 7 ) Customer service
    • ( 8 ) Legal disclaimer
    • ( 9 ) Contact form
    • ( o ) Branch search
    • ( c ) ATM search

Applied technology

  • Icon of Triple-A conformance level of the Web 1.0 Content Accessibility Directives of the W3C-WAI Compliance with the WCAG guidelines of the W3C. Guidelines for Accessible Web 1.0 content.
  • Go to W3C-CSS accessibility The presentation is based on the Recommendation of the W3C on CSS2.
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional The recommended standard for HTML code has been used in checking the xHTML 1.0 Transitional recommendations.