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Cash pooling

This system allows you to manage the cash management systems of business groups, by means of a central account.


It improves the use and management of liquidity at a global level.

It saves you time, since internal transfers are carried out automatically.

It saves you money since your finances are managed globally and centrally.

The Cash Pooling Service offers three different options:

  • Basic Cash Pooling:
    At close of day, entries from each peripheral account will automatically be grouped and transferred to the main central account.
  • Cash Pooling with return:
    This includes the same function as the Basic Cash Pooling with the added bonus of returning funds to the peripheral accounts on the following day (D+1).
  • Cash Pooling with return and overdraft coverage:
    This includes the same functions as Cash Pooling with return, and also covers overdrawn amounts in any peripheral account.