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Multicurrency DCC

multicurrency dcc

What is it?

It is a new free service that allows your foreign customers to choose which currency they wish to pay in using the PoS Terminal. So, customers who are using their card in a country other than the place where it was issued can choose to pay in their own currency (pound, dollar, yen, etc..) accepting a certain exchange rate.


What types of business is it for?

Tourism businesses that have a large number of customers who use a currency other than the Euro. Retail outlets in airports, train stations, hotel lobbies, shopping malls and holiday resorts...


Which cards can be used with it?

It is valid for VISA and MasterCard. It is not available for American Express, Diners or JCB...


Which currencies is it available for?

For any currency other than the Euro: US Dollars, Sterling, Japanese Yen, Swiss Francs, Krona.

Dynamic currency conversion


Benefits for your customers

Additional service

Your business will stand out from the crowd and offer its customers a new payment method.

Improved service

DCC PoS Terminals allow you to offer your customers a value-added service, since the POS automatically detects when a multi-currency service can be offered.

Customer Loyalty

It enhances customer loyalty, since they receive a more personal and up-to-date service.


All information is centralised, and the exchange rate is applied automatically, with total security and transparency.


No cost for your business. For accounting purposes nothing will change, because the money will still be credited to you in euros, just like a regular sale. You do not need to install a new terminal or replace your current one.

Benefits for your business


Customers can choose either to convert the value of their purchase into their own currency or complete the transaction in the local currency.


Because the customer knows the exact exchange rate and the amount of the transaction as they are making it, without having to wait for the end of the month./p>


DCC offers consumers peace of mind and the ease of making a simple and quick transaction in the currency of their home country. DCC offers consumers the possibility to complete their transactions in the local currency or in the currency of their own country. If the consumer chooses the currency of their own country, DCC removes any additional charges made by the issuer for foreign currency exchange, so the customer knows the exact exchange rate and the total cost of the transaction.


There is the option to cancel the transaction and pay in euros within the period of one month.