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PoS Terminal Turnover Advance

Secure Immediate Finance through your PoS Terminal


Without having to stop by your branch


immediate liquidity

sin moverte

Without setting foot outside
your business


Fast and
without waiting

At Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar we are offering this brand new service, aimed at businesses (self-employed professionals and SMEs), which allows you to secure an advance on the average amount of your PoS turnover depending on your liquidity needs, quickly and easily, through your own PoS Terminal. The amount will be determined on the basis of the turnover registered by your point of sale (PoS) terminals.

You can now secure finance immediately thanks to our PoS Turnover Advance facility.

How does it work?




Request the amount required using your PoS Terminal and the card we will supply, using the action "sale-advance" (venta-anticipo).

You will have access to 30% of the annual turnover registered with your PoS Terminals.



On the next working day after the request is placed, the amount will be credited into the account linked with your PoS Terminals.



Del importe diario de las ventas realizadas con tus TPV's se aplicará el 20% a cancelaciones parciales del anticipo solicitado.

We will then deduct 20% of the daily amount in sales made using your Pos Terminals, which will be allocated to partial repayments of the advance requested.

Discover Its advantages


Specific liquidity requirements

Christmas is coming, and I need liquidity to pay for all the stock I'm going to buy for my shop.


Finance without setting foot outside your business

I don't have time to go to the bank, so I can request the amount I need through my PoS terminal, quickly and easily.

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Prompt Payment Discount

A supplier has offered me a prompt payment discount and I need liquidity to make this payment.


This facility broadens your business's finance capacity and provides immediate liquidity.

Cajamar will do all the paperwork, which saves you time and means you do not have to allocate staff members to deal with it.

Having liquidity and cash in advance allows you to negotiate discounts with suppliers for prompt payment.