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Find out About Leasing


Finance the assets you need for your business and take advantage of the financial and fiscal advantages1.


Remove the initial expenses.

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We finance the full amount of your investment.

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When you are done you decide if you want to buy it or return it.

Buy the assets your company needs without having to think about the initial expenses. We give you the opportunity to use the assets you need for your business in exchange for a periodic rate and with the possibility of buying the asset once the contract is over or to return it if you no longer want it.

It is an agile formula for the acquisition of vehicles, machinery, real estate (offices, warehouses...) computers, etc., that takes full advantage of the tax benefits1 offered to the companies.

Enjoy the advantages


  • Big tax savings1.
  • It allows the financing of up to the 100% of the amount of the investment, VAT included.
  • Reduces the risk of obsolescence for your company.
  • When the lease agreement is over, you can buy the asset or return it.
  • It allows you to see the costs from the moment you sign the contract.
  • Valid for national and international (imported) equipment.
  • Flexible quotas.
  • Complete freedom of selection, of both goods and providers.

How does it work?


Leasing is the tool you need to acquire the assets for your company and it is really simple:

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  1. Your company negotiates the price of the goods with the provider of your choice.
  2. If you agree, you accept the conditions and you sign a Leasing contract with Cajamar.
  3. The provider emits an invoice to Cajamar.
  4. Cajamar pays the provider for the goods.
  5. The providers delivers the goods to your company.
  6. Your company pays the agreed periodic quotas to Cajamar.
  7. When the leasing contract is over, your company decides if you wish to keep the goods paying the remaining amount, or if you with to return it.

Find out about the advantages


Eliminate the risk of obsolescence

"I needed new appliances for my kitchen, but I could not risk them becoming obsolete in a few years. With Cajamar Leasing I changed them and when my contract is over I will decide if I return them or I keep them."


Always with the latest technology

"I change the computers in my company every two years with Cajamar Leasing, and this is how we always have the latest technology and we benefit from the fiscal advantages of leasing1."

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Forget about the initial expenses

"When we started with our new business project, we didn't have the resources to buy office furniture. Thanks to Cajamar Leasing we didn't have to spend all that money in the beginning and we were able to go ahead with the project."

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(1) The taxation of this product may vary depending on the characteristics of the client, the asset to be financed and the applicable tax regime (common or provincial territory).