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Multi-Product Policy

Find out about our Multiproduct Policy


Finance all your cash flow requirements in a single contract.
Make your day-to-day business more streamlined and straightforward.

contrato unico

All in a single contract

ahorro tiempo

Saving you time and money

flexibilidad consumo

Giving you flexibility in the way you use your finance.

The Multiproduct Policy is a credit facility that allows you to cover all your short-term finance needs, both present and future.

With a single signature you can cover all your cash flow finance requirements, whether you're a retailer, a company or self-employed, saving you money in terms of notary intervention.

Advantages of the Multiproduct Policy for your business


  • A single policy covers all modes of finance, which are managed under the global limit assigned.
  • With this streamlined process, you can incorporate new finance quickly, without needing further intervention.
  • All you need is one notary signature, so you can save time and money.
  • It offers you greater efficiency, since you don't pay any more for any unused products, but they are always available to you should you need them in the future.
  • You have flexibility in terms of how you consume your finance, which you can distribute between different products according to your needs.

Bring all your products to one place and be more efficient!


The solution that meets all your company's financial needs. Which products can be included in the Multiproduct Policy?

productos incluidos en una poliza multiproducto

How does it work?


Example Simulation of the Multiproduct Policy

A global limit is established for the Multiproduct Policy, which cannot be exceeded under any circumstances (€800,000 in the example).

In addition to establishing the overall limit, there is also a maximum limit for each product family:

  1. Sales financing (maximum of €800,000 in the example)
  2. Procurement financing (maximum of €500,000 in the example)
  3. Guarantee financing (maximum of €200,000 in the example)

Each product family in turn includes the different products that you can operate with, and each of those establishes a maximum limit.

Global Multiproduct Limit - E.g.: € 800,000
Sales financing limit.
E.g. € 800,000
Export Limit.
E.g. € 800,000
Financed SEPA direct debits.
E.g. € 800,000
Trade discount limit.
E.g. € 400,000
Invoice advancing limit.
E.g. € 600,000
Procurement financing limit.
E.g. € 500,000
Import Limit.
E.g. € 500,000
Domestic payment debits.
E.g. € 400,000
Confirming limit.
E.g. € 400,000
Guarantee financing limit.
E.g. € 200,000

For example, a customer, depending on the needs of their business, could arrange the following composition:

  1. Sales Financing
    Trade Discount (€400,000) + Invoice advances (€200,000)
  2. Procurement Financing
    Confirming (€100,000) + Imports (€50,000)
  3. Guarantee financing (€50,000)

Discover its advantages


It saves you time and money

Thanks to the multiproduct policy I save time and money on paperwork, since I don't have to arrange a different contract for each operation, because one policy covers everything.

reduce tiempos

Efficiency in your day-to-day business

With the Multiproduct Policy, I can avoid having idle resources, since I can gain access to the global limit of any of the cash flow products I need.


Quick and easy

At any time I can change the composition of the limit granted under my Multiproduct Policy. I simply use the amount I have not used on one policy by transferring it to another. Without needing to get the notary involved again.