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E-shopping Card. Risk free online and telephone payments

Risk free online and telephone payments

Virtual card without physical format, which can be preloaded from your bank balance in order to make payments by Internet and telephone, without risk of fraudulent use of the data and balance of your conventional cards.


Prepaid debit card, meaning that it can only be used when it has been pre-loaded.


Means of payment for online or telephone purchases.


  • The card holder must be a client of our Electronic Banking service. You can Hire online the virtual card from this service, and obtain its details online: number, PIN (secret number for the card), expiry date and card verification code (CVV2), and can be used immediately afterwards.
  • All the management of the card: prepaying, recovering prepaid amounts, new or changed PIN, will be carried out exclusively through Electronic Banking.
    All the information you need:
  • Issuance fee: 0 euros. Maintenance charge: 0 euros.

Hire online

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