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Future management plan 2040

Risk Indicator required by the O.M. ECC/2316/2015

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Pay-out of the allowance or exercising the right to redeem the investment made is only possible in the event of one of the exceptional liquidity contingencies or circumstances regulated by legislation governing pension plans and funds.

The value of the rights or mobilisation, allowances, and exceptional liquidity circumstances depends on the market value of the assets in the pension fund, and can lead to substantial losses.

plan futuro 2040

For people aged 44 to 51, who will retire in around the year 2040


Because at the age of 45, Maria and Juan are looking for a new school for their children.

If your retirement is set for the year 2050, we believe that this information may be of interest to you. Our new Plan Gestion Futuro 2050 is a pension plan designed especially for people like you.

Because we know that at each stage of your life your needs are different. So, here we will show you a series of examples that will help you to know and to plan your retirement.

Example for someone aged 45

How much will I pay in during the first year? How much will I have paid in by the time I retire? (1) How much total capital would I accumulate? (2) What are the average returns I would earn? If the marginal estimated tax rate is... (3) How much could I save on my next income tax return? (3)
2.000€ 46.000€ 131.893€ 85.893€ 45% 900€
1.500€ 43.196€ 121.209€ 78.013€ 37% 555€
1.000€ 32.453€ 88.450€ 55.997€ 30% 300€
500€ 16.226€ 44.225€ 27.998€ 24% 120€

(1) Simulation taking into account an annual increase of 3% in the contributions made (up to the maximum annual contribution allowed, currently €1500 per year).

(2) The examples given are simulations performed for someone aged 45 , taking into account estimated annual average returns of 4% and a retirement age of 67. Under no circumstances are these simulations indicators of guaranteed results.

(3) Estimated Tax Base equal to the annual net salary less 5,000 euros, and based on the Government tax bands on income tax, effective January 2020, so rates can vary depending on the region of Spain.

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Custodian: CECABANK, S.A. with registered address in Alcalá, 27, 28014, Madrid, bearing NIF A-86436011. Promoter: CAJAMAR Caja Rural, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito.

Entered in the Almería Trade Register, Volume 1.526, L. 0, F.1, Page AL-40338, 1st entry dated 31 October 2012. C.I.F. F-04743175. Reg. address: Plaza de Juan del Águila Molina, 5 04006 – Almería.

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