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VIA-T Electronic Toll Device

Now with Via T, if you are a Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar customer, you can pay your toll tickets without having to stop or get out of your vehicle when you enter or leave a motorway.

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What does it consist of?

If you travel frequently and want to avoid queues and tickets at toll booths and car parks, as well as getting discounts on motorways, this is the best option for you, whether you are an individual, self-employed or company.

How does it work?

Just place the device on the windscreen of your vehicle and you will pay monthly according to your consumption. It will be sent securely to your home along with an installation kit.

Anything else?

You can use the Bip&Drive APP to download bills and pay at car parks and petrol stations in Spain. The device also works on motorways in Portugal and France, with a fee of €2.42 including VAT per month of use in France. A invoice will be generated for joint consumption in Spain and Portugal and another for France.

Save time on tolls

To sign up for Via-T, all you need is an account with Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar and associate your payments to this account. You can do this from our branches or through your Electronic Banking. You will receive your device a few days later at your home address after signing up.

To fit the Via-T in your vehicle, simply attach it to the inside of the front windscreen, preferably at the top centre and about 5 cm from the top frame. In vans, it should be positioned vertically in the central part.

¿How do I pay for the consumption of my Via-T?

The Via-T device costs € 24.40 per year plus VAT. This device has an expiry date of 5 years, although there is no commitment of permanence; if you do not use it or do not want it, it can be cancelled without penalty.

What if I have a problem? If your Via-T stops working or you have a problem with a motorway or car park, you have a 24-hour call centre at your disposal with attention in Spanish, Catalan and English to resolve incidents by calling 950 95 05 09.

Your Via-T device offers many advantages and benefits

Dispositivo Vía-T - Bipdrive

Pay tolls without stopping your vehicle.


App: Link your device to the app and you will be able to see your detailed consumption, calculate how much your route is going to cost, check the estimated toll price or request an appointment for the ITV and even pay for it from your mobile! and many other services!

Access to discounts depending on the route, offered by the different motorways.

Discounts at petrol stations. Activate your app and you can benefit from the discounts offered by service stations such as Galp, Cepsa, BP or Shell. You can even pay for your refuelling from your app and check the nearest petrol station.

Use it in car parks Enter and exit the car park without a ticket and without having to look for a cashier to validate it.

Discounts and billing

To consult operations and download invoices for our customers, we provide you with your VIA-T Private Area.

Login to my private area
In addition, Via T cardholders will be able to find out about discounts, bonuses and invoicing offered by the concessionary companies at www.viat.es
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