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Data Protection Policy

Caja Rural de Cheste, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito (hereinafter, THE ENTITY) will have access to and will process the personal data of the interested parties who (i) access our website, (ii) request information or maintain any kind of relationship with our branch network without becoming customers, or (iii) contact us by telephone (hereinafter, our Contact Channels), in accordance with the provisions of this Data Protection Policy (hereinafter, the Policy).

The purpose of this Policy is to set out the way in which personal data collected through our Contact Channels are obtained, processed, and protected, so that interested parties can freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to provide their personal data in the ways indicated herein.

The personal data collected by THE ENTITY through these channels or the various communications it maintains with the interested party will be treated with absolute confidentiality. THE ENTITY pledges to keep them secret and safeguard them by taking all the necessary measures to prevent their alteration, loss, processing or unauthorised access, in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation.

We have implemented and continue to maintain the highest levels of security required by law to protect your personal data against accidental loss and unauthorised access, processing or disclosure, taking into account the current state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed. Read the section For your safety to see some basic security recommendations.

However, in line with our data protection obligations, if, as a result of any incident, your personal data become compromised, we will notify you in the terms provided for by current regulations.

For this reason, please read this Policy carefully. It will give you more information about how we process your personal data: (i) when and how we will ask you for your details and how you will provide them to us, (ii) the purpose and legal grounds for processing them, as well as (iii) the different rights that protect you and how you can exercise them.

Please be advised that our website may contain links to other websites. This Data Protection Policy will only apply to personal data obtained on the website of THE ENTITY and is not applicable to information collected by third parties on other websites. We recommend that you read the individual policies of any other websites you visit via links from our website or in any other way.

Who is responsible for processing your data?

The financial entity Caja Rural de Cheste, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito (hereinafter, THE ENTITY) with registered premises for this purpose in Plaza Dr. Cajal, 2 46380 - CHESTE (Valencia) , will be responsible for processing your personal data.

Contact the Data Protection Officer: dpd@grupocooperativocajamar.com

What personal data can we process?

We are only able to process personal data that you provide to us over the phone, when visiting any of our branches, via web forms, or data obtained from browsing the website of THE ENTITY.

Specifically: first name and surname, postal address and/or e-mail address, tax identification number, telephone number, and, where appropriate, browser cookie ID, mobile device ID, time spent on the website, and frequency with which you visit the website, as well as your image, should you visit one of our branches.

Your data must be kept up to date at all times. Therefore, you must ensure that any data you provide are correct, accurate and up to date, assuming any responsibility resulting from providing incomplete, erroneous, or inaccurate data.

In accordance with the principle of privacy by default, we will only request data required to carry out the purpose for which we are requesting such information. Therefore, any data we ask you for will be proportional and not excessive. Please note, however, that refusing to supply certain personal data may prevent the ENTITY from providing you with the services, features, and / or information you are requesting.

Should you wish to sign up for any of our products or services, we will inform you specifically in each case of any applicable legal conditions regarding privacy.

Likewise, if you are a customer of THE ENTITY, you can view all the information related to the products or services you have with us at any time by accessing your Home Banking service through the following link.

For what purpose and on what legitimate grounds do we use your data?

Below, we explain how we process your data and the legal grounds that allow us to do so. For example, we must process certain types of data in order to provide you with the service or manage the product you have requested. At other times, it will be because we are legally required to do so, etc. Below, we explain each of the cases by which we can obtain and use your personal data:

A) Data collection forms, contact forms, more information requests, and suggestions:

If you have entered your data on any of our inquiry or suggestion forms on the website, or you have called or visited us at one of our branches to obtain information and/or carry out any tasks, THE ENTITY will process your personal data to be able to attend to and manage your request for information.

The processing of this personal data is based on the consent you give us when actively making your request.

Furthermore, some of our Contact Channels offer you the possibility to request: (i) that THE ENTITY sends you (either by post, telephone, email, sms, mms or social media) information about THE ENTITY regarding its own and third party financial, real estate, insurance, energy and/or rental products and services marketed by the ENTITY, and (ii) the transfer of your personal data to third parties belonging to those same sectors with which THE ENTITY collaborates so that these third parties can provide you with information and you can benefit from their promotions of products and services, as well as all the credit institutions that make up Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar at any time (a list of which can be found at all times on the website https://www.grupocooperativocajamar.es/es/comun/informacion-corporativa/sobre-grupo-cooperativo-cajamar/ or in our branches).

The data that can be processed for commercial purposes are identification details (first name, surname, address, email), financial details (information about products, payment status, as well as the risk, commercial and financial position of customers) and internet and social media browsing data.

You can withdraw your consent at any time or refuse to receive information through any of the indicated channels (by post, telephone, email, sms, mms or social media), without providing any justification, and free of charge by sending an email to protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com.

B) Applying for a product with credit risk

If you request the simulation of a loan, credit, or any other type of finance facility, or carry out or intend to perform any other operation that may involve credit risk, the ENTITY shall have the right to view common files pertaining to the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of monetary obligations, such as your ASNEF or EXPERIAN file, for example.

To do this, we will compile information about your risk position and financial situation (data about your solvency and credit risk) and we will evaluate your borrowing capacity for the purpose of studying the pre-approval, approval or rejection of your application, using rating or scoring models if necessary, or even automated processes, and you may file any claims you deem appropriate to defend your interests. This form of processing will also be carried out in connection with the legitimation grounds set out in sectoral regulations that impose the duty to collect information necessary for risk assessment, Act 10/2014, regarding the Management, Supervision, and Solvency of Credit Institutions, in order to evaluate your solvency and risk.

This processing will be carried out based on your request/application, which may lead to a future contractual relationship with THE ENTITY. If you would like detailed information about the development of assessment models to measure credit risk, you can read our information on Personal Data Protection for customers.

C) Contact Chat Service:

Registered users can submit any questions or queries through our online chat service available through Online Banking or our Electronic Headquarters.

In this case, THE ENTITY will process any personal data you provided through the chat in order to attend to and manage your request for information.

The processing of this personal data is based on the consent you give us by actively sending your request to our agents via the online chat service.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and without any justification, by writing to: protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com.

D) Signing up for the products offered on the Website:

(i) In order to provide the different services that we offer through our website and that you can request from us. For example, to offer assistance via our contact centre or to request information about our products or services. Should you telephone us, to answer your calls, which might be recorded for internal quality purposes, to prevent possible fraud, and perform internal statistical studies.

In these situations, we understand that we have a legitimate interest in using the information you provide in order to assist you each time you request our help or services.

(ii) In order to take out and subsequently manage any products and services that we offer you and which you may be interested in, we will need to process your data.

In this case, it will be necessary to process your data as essential information to formalise and fulfil the contractual relationship, as well as provide you with the services you request.

(iii) To be able to comply with certain legal obligations arising from the management and maintenance of the contractual relationship governing any products and services that you request from us.

In this case, we will process your data solely for the purpose of complying with legal obligations and following any applicable legal guidelines or requirements.

(iv) ) You can find out more about how THE ENTITY processes the personal data of its customers at Information on Personal Data Protection for customers . (https://www.grupocooperativocajamar.es/es/comun/tablon-de-anuncios-y-tarifas/informacion-basica-proteccion-datos-personales-clientes/).

(v) To contact you, should you not complete the service or product contract process initiated on our website. In this case, we will keep your data for a period of two months and will only process them in order to contact you to reactivate the process and help you to complete it.

If you do not want us to contact you for these purposes you can let us know by e-mailing:


E) Phone Banking and Online Banking for customers with access to the private area:

Services that allow customers of THE ENTITY to carry out their banking operations through the Internet or over the phone.

In this case, it will be necessary to process your data as essential information to formalise and fulfil the contractual relationship, as well as provide you with the services you request through these channels.

F) Electronic Headquarters:

A service that allows our customers who do not have online banking to access a documentation centre and manage different requests for documents and correspondence generated by us.

In this case, it will be necessary to process your data as essential information to formalise and fulfil the contractual relationship, as well as provide you with the services you request.

G) Access to Asocia 2.0 Members’ Club:

Exclusive discounts and benefits for members of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar.

In this case, it will be necessary to process your data as essential information to formalise and fulfil the contractual relationship, as well as provide you with the services you request.

H) Access to the ENTITY’s social media:

Through our website, you can access THE ENTITY’s social media pages:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Blog

Should you contact us through any of these social media channels, it will be necessary to process your data in order to attend to and manage your request.

The processing of your personal details is based on the consent you give us by actively sending your request through any of our social media pages.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and without any justification, by writing to: protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com.

I) Access to the Cajamar Job Portal:

Through our website you can access our Job Portal, where THE ENTITY posts available job offers.

Should you apply for any of the vacancies posted, your personal data will be processed in response to your application.

The processing of your personal data is based on the consent you give us by actively sending your application to THE ENTITY’s recruitment process.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and without any justification, by writing to: protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com.

J) Cookies:

THE ENTITY installs essential cookies that allow you to browse the Website. Likewise, and only if you have consented, THE ENTITY can install cookies on users’ browsing devices with the aim of obtaining analytical and statistical information, as well as third-party cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies are installed voluntarily by the users, who can at any time change their settings or withdraw their consent.

Information about the use of cookies and the data we collect when you browse our website (what information we collect, what we will use it for, and what you can do about it) is available to you in our Cookies Policy (in Spanish).

In general, your personal data will be processed in order to manage the products and services you have requested, to ensure the proper functioning of our website, and to offer you personalised customer service that meets your expectations.

For all other situations in which the processing of your personal data is not necessary for the fulfilment of the contractual relationship, compliance with legal obligations, or based on a legitimate interest of THE ENTITY, we will ask you in advance for your express consent to do so.

Notwithstanding the above, in each specific case where we are going to process your data, we will inform you appropriately of (i) when and for what purpose we need your consent to obtain and process your data; (ii) when and why we are asking for information that we are legally obliged to ask you for; and (iii) when the information we ask for is essential to fulfil the contractual relationship you enter into with us. In addition, sometimes where we consider that there is a legitimate interest, (iv) when and for what reason we want to obtain and process your data because we believe that our interest in doing so does not infringe your privacy or your expectations of privacy.

K) CCTV in our branch network:

If you visit any of THE ENTITY’s branches, our CCTV systems will capture your image. We will only process these data for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the safety of people, goods, and premises. The legitimate legal grounds for processing these data are the fulfilment of a mission in the public interest. In accordance with applicable regulations, these images may be passed on to Courts, and to Security Forces and Corps, and will be deleted 15 days after their recording, unless indicated otherwise by the Courts or the Security Forces and Corps.

Who else could access your personal data?

The information that you provide us through our Contact Channels will be processed exclusively by THE ENTITY as the data controller and, therefore, as the entity legally responsible for its collection, use, conservation and subsequent cancellation or destruction, provided that it is legally necessary, or you request it.

We will only transfer or communicate your data to third parties if legally required to do so (for example, by public administrations, State Security Forces, or the Courts), or if you have expressly granted your consent for us to do so. Otherwise, we will not transfer the information you provide us through our Contact Channels to any third party.

Here at THE ENTITY, we work with third party service providers who might occasionally have access to your personal data. These would include companies that provide technological or computer services, security or customer service companies that provide services to us as data processors.

In order to guarantee your rights and freedoms and the adequate protection of your data, please be advised that we will sign the corresponding contract with these providers through which we will impose, among others, the obligation to apply appropriate technical and organisational measures, to process the data to which they have access only to fulfil our order and instructions, and to erase or return them once they have finished providing the relevant services.

For how long could we store your data?

We will keep the information you provide only as long as strictly necessary to meet and manage any requests you make. Once we have responded to your request, we will only keep your data (duly blocked, as applicable) so that it is available to the Courts, in the event of a legal claim. In cases where you carry out a simulation (e.g. of a loan or mortgage), we will keep the information we have received for 2 months in order to facilitate and speed up the process should you eventually decide to take out the relevant product. Once this period expires, we will erase this information.

If you eventually take out any of our financial products or services, in each specific case, we will inform you of how long we will keep and use your personal data, in accordance with applicable legislation.

In the case of cookies, data may be processed for as long as you maintain your consent for their installation and for the duration of their installation, for the maximum period of 2 years.

What rights do data protection regulations provide?

Current legislation recognises a series of rights described below, which you can exercise whenever you wish through the channels established for this purpose.

The rights you may request from us are as follows:

Confirm whether we are processing your personal data or not and, if so

(i) access them,

(ii) request their rectification if you believe they are inaccurate or, where appropriate,

(iii) request their erasure when, among other reasons, you consider that they are no longer necessary, taking into account the purpose for which you provided them initially,

(iv) request the portability of the data you have provided, so that, if you are interested, we can send them directly to you or to a third party indicated by you, in a structured, commonly used format that can be read by mechanical means,

(v) in certain circumstances, you may also request to limit our use of your data, or even object to our continued use of your data. In such case we will stop using them, unless there are compelling legitimate ground, or they are required to file or defend against possible legal claims.

  • If we use your personal information to create behavioural profiles (for example, to better understand your interests and needs based on the way you browse our website), and we do so in a fully automated way, you will have the right to be informed of this, to ask for the personal intervention of any of our agents, to challenge any decision based on those profiles, or to simply express your point of view.
  • Withdraw any express consent that you may have given to process your personal data.
  • Submit any claims to us and/or to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (as the competent Supervisory Authority in this matter), especially when you have exercised a right and we have not dealt with it in the legally established terms (www.aepd.es).

Should you wish to exercise your rights, please contact:

Email: protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com

Post: Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar - Data Protection - Apartado de Correos 250-04080

The Spanish Data Protection Agency has developed a tool, FACILITA, designed for the processing of basic data.

Facilita Rgpd