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Home insurance

Insurance that protects your home and family?

With our Home Insurance, you will find peace of mind for you and your family
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Because it can happen to anyone:

Fire, water damage, breakage, theft, breakdown of electrical appliances...

Did you know that Home Insurance...

  • Can prevent any nasty surprises?
  • Is very affordable in relation to the wide range of cover it offers?
  • Offers immediate assistance in the event of domestic violence?
  • Covers, in addition to burglary, muggings outside the home, access to bank accounts or cancellation of cards?
  • Offers extensive liability coverage?
  • In the last 5 years, 68% of policies have been used to cover damage to the home or adjacent property?(1)
  • 76% of Spanish families have home insurance in place?(2)
Even so, there are still many myths...

Myths Answers
"It is expensive" Comparing the price of insurance with the cost of any of the contingencies it covers more than justifies the outgoing
"I can't afford any more outgoings" We should not see it as an expense, but rather an investment to avoid incidents that could represent a significant financial outlay
"My house is new, I don't need insurance" Many incidents in the home have nothing to do with the age of the house.
"I don't have a mortgage, I am not required to have insurance" Even if you are not required, home insurance is still a necessary investment
"It's not really for me right now, I'll think about it" Accidents do not wait for you to think about it. They can happen at any time.

Do you know about all the guarantees offered by our Complete Home Insurance?

Fire Fire, explosion, lightning, smoke and fire service.
Natural damage Rain, wind, hail, frost and leaks.
Water damage Floods, leaks, broken pipes, blockages and spills.
Other damage Electrical or heat damage, refrigerated foods, locksmith, cover when travelling, damage caused by tenants, vandalism and rescue.
Theft Damage due to theft, theft of content, objects of value, from the car boot, cash, burglary, mugging.
Financial losses Temporary rental assistance, loss of rental income, fraudulent use of cards.
Breakage Glass, ceramic hobs, bathrooms, kitchen countertops and large planters.
Cosmetic damage Cosmetic restoration after an incident.
Assistance Sending of professionals.
If required, depending on the incident: hotel expenses, restaurant, relocation, furniture storage, surveillance.
Criminal Defence.
Fraudulent use of accounts.
Handyman services Home maintenance / repairs
Medical guidance Medical guidance service, second medical opinion, ambulance transport services.
Computing and technological assistance IT support, backups, data recovery, technological assistance, legal advice, consumer defence.
Public liability Private life, domestic employees, real estate, pets, tenant or landlord.
Damage claims.
Bail Bonds.
Legal defence 24-hour legal aid, legal advice, consumer protection, tax, criminal.
Bodily injury
Breakdown of electrical appliances

And in addition, with our Elite Home Insurance...

Elite defence Advice on inheritance, administrative management, employment contracts, divorce or separation.
Comprehensive accident cover

Cajamar General Insurance Claims Phone:

911 697 471

(English-language call-center)
(1)(2) Source: Estamos Seguros 2014 Report drawn up by UNESPA.
Home insurance provided by Cajamar Seguros Generales, S.A. de Seguros y reaseguros and brokered by Cajamar Mediación, Linked Bancassurance Operator, S.L.U., CIF B-04428223, , entered in the Special Administrative Register of insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers and their senior executives, held by the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP), with registration code OV0014. It has public liability insurance policy in place in accordance with art. 152, point 1(g) of Royal Decree-law 3/2020, of 4 February, regarding urgent measures. Go to www.grupocooperativocajamar.es/aseguradoras to view a list of Insurance companies that have an agency contract in place with the Linked Bancassurance Operator.

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