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Terms and conditions of the card customisation service. For the card customisation service

For the card customisation service

The applicant declares, permits, guarantees and responds to Caja Rural Católico Agraria, S. Coop. De Crédito V. (hereinafter, Caixa Rural Vila-real) that:

In the event that the image provided by the customer to be incorporated onto their customised card contains personal data, in accordance with applicable regulations in this regard, the customer is informed and consents for said information to be incorporated into the files owned by Caja Rural Católico Agraria, S. Coop. De Crédito V., domiciled in Plaza Mayor, 10. 12540 Vila-real (Castellón), to be treated by the latter with a view to customising their card.

Caixa Rural Vila-real guarantees that customers may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the data held on file, always in the terms established by current legislation, by writing to Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar - Protección de Datos - Apartado de Correos 250 - 04080, o mediante correo electrónico a protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com

The customer grants and gives their express consent for Caixa Rural Vila-real to use, treat and store images of people, objects or compositions in order to customise, using said images, the  respective credit or debit cards, or any other banking services that could be customised, as well as renewals.

In the event that the aforementioned personal data refer to persons other than the customer, the latter must, before applying for the customisation of their card, inform said persons of the conditions outlined herein and gain their consent for the aforementioned treatment.

The customer shall exonerate Caixa Rural Vila-real from any damage caused by failing to obtain or accredit the aforementioned informed consent, and this exoneration shall also include Cosecal S.A. (hereinafter Cosecal), the company responsible for the customisation service and the treatment of images for their subsequent incorporation onto the respective payment instruments or other services. In this respect, the applicant knows and has been expressly notified that the company Cosecal has access to the images in compliance with the image guidelines required by Cosecal (Rules regarding the use of images).

  • Assures Caixa Rural Vila-real that the use of the images by the latter and by Cosecal does not infringe the rights of any other person, including intellectual property rights of any kind in relation to the image.
  • Gives perpetual, non-transferable, irrevocable, non-exclusive, free and global permission on their behalf and on behalf of the owners of the image or the persons appearing in the same to Caixa Rural Vila-real and Cosecal for the use of the image and personal data, with a view to preparing the design of the image and customising the cards or banking services.
  • Authorises (or has obtained the authorisation of the image owner) Caixa Rural Vila-real and Cosecal to capture, modify, copy, reproduce, use and store the image.
  • Has read and understands the image guidelines, Rules regarding the use of images, and will only use images that comply with them.
  • Accepts that Caixa Rural Vila-real or Cosecal reserve the right not to accept or use any image provided by the applicant.
  • Caixa Rural Vila-real is authorised to demand at any time accreditation of the authorisation and other conditions stipulated in this declaration and commitment.
  • Guarantees that, as far as they know and are aware, the image does not contain any computer viruses.