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Visa Electronic Fuel Card

The card that every driver needs
It offers you lower risk by not having to carry cash and gives you greater control over your spending.

Product features:

  • Card used exclusively to pay for petrol at Service Stations, as well as Restaurants and Hotels.

  • It can only be used at ATMs to check balances, account movements, change the PIN number, and charge/discharge prepaid cards (even if the ATM displays the full list of operations).

Features of the Visa Electronic Fuel Card

  • Debit card payments: giving you access to the funds available in the linked account (only for use at Petrol Stations, Service Stations, Restaurants and Hotels).

  • It can be used in ATMs (restricted functionality) to:

consulta movimientos

View account balances and movements

carga descarga

Charge and discharge prepaid cards


Change your PIN number