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Combifondo Deposit. The flexibility you want for your savings

Risk indicator for the deposit.

1 / 6

This number is indicative of the product risk, where 1/6 indicates lower risk, and 6/6 indicates greater risk.

Caixa Rural Burriana is a member of the Spanish Credit Entities Deposit Guarantee Fund. The maximum amount guaranteed actually by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor.

Early reimbursement, redemption, or refunding of part or all the principal sum invested is subject to fees or penalties.

Investment funds have their own risk indicator that could be higher.

Some things work better together.

Deposit + Investment Fund = COMBIFONDO

What do I need to know?


It is a deposit combined with a fund


The term of the deposit is 12 months


The investment fund's time horizon may be greater than the deposit term


What you combine according to your profile:

  • 50% fund - 50% deposit
  • 80% fund - 20% deposit


With personalised client service


Investment of the funds will be; subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent in securities investments.

¿How do I sign up for one?

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1. Open a Financial Markets account

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2. Choose my Combifondo


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All the information you need to know before investing

The interest rate accrued by the fixed-term deposit is fixed and will vary depending on when you sign up. Read the fund information brochures and Key Investor Information Document (KIIDs) through our online broker at www.grupocooperativocajamar.es or at any of our branches. You can also read through the information brochure for all funds at the CNMV.