Electronic Headquarters (Sede electrónica)

Manage your documents with us if you do not have Online Banking

Our Electronic Headquarters allow you to access a documentation centre with the following services:

Here at Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, we are aware that our commitment to deliver the best service must provide maximum security, convenience, and care for our environment.

So you can use and enjoy all the advantages offered by the VIRTUAL MAILBOX through our ELECTRONIC HEADQUARTERS.

This new communication channel is a space for people who, like you, are not online banking customers, but want to be kept informed in a faster, more convenient, secure and sustainable way.

What can you do through the ELECTRONIC HEADQUARTERS?

  • Receive and view your correspondence from the entity whenever you wish through your virtual mailbox.
  • View your personal documentation and contracts with us whenever you need to.
  • Send documentation to your branch.
  • Sign pending documents.(in Spanish) (PDF 160,38 KB.)
  • Update your address or email.
  • View all mandatory documents, such as the Customer Knowledge Form (for private individuals) or the Tax Residency Declaration.
  • Conveniently send documentation to your entity.
  • Manage your tax information.

Access the Electronic Headquarters

Manage your documents with us if you do not have Online Banking