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Virtual PoS

Find out more about our Virtual PoS Terminals


If you need to take online payments through your website, the VIRTUAL PoS Terminal is the ideal solution for you.

no fees

No registration fees.


Security for your customers and your business.

easy installation

Easy and straightforward to install

How does the Virtual PoS terminal work?


  1. The products are selected and added to the cart.
  2. The details of the purchase are displayed: billing and shipping details.
  3. The Virtual PoS page is displayed where the card details are captured.
  4. Once the purchase has been accepted, the result or outcome page is displayed.
  5. The business will then be notified of the sale.
  6. The purchase is delivered.

We will set up your online store with all these advantages



It features a professional and personalised design that will add style and exclusivity.

easy to use

Easy to use

We guarantee a user-friendly experience for your customer. A fantastic shopping experience that will boost your sales.

pos terminal

Grupo Cajamar PoS Terminal

We'll set up the delivery and payment methods that you indicate, so you can start selling right away.



We take care of maintenance and updates for your online store.

pos terminal

Features of the PoS Terminal:

With the Virtual PoS Terminal, you can sell your products on the Internet in a simple, fast and secure way. It can be installed regardless of the operating system and programming language used by the business, and it also supports multiple languages, currencies, and cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and DinersClub).

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