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My electronic invoice

As of 15/01/2015, all invoices presented to public administrations must be in an electronic format.

How can I sign up for your platform?

  1. You must be a customer of our bank.
  2. Contact your branch to register with our electronic banking service and ask them to activate the e-Invoicing platform.
  3. Sign into electronic banking.
  4. You will see an E-INVOICING tab.
  5. Click on it to access your e-invoicing platform.
  6. Find all your options to manage your electronic invoices.

What is e-invoicing?

An e-invoice is a document generated through an electronic invoicing or billing process. It has the same value and validity as a traditional paper invoice.

Electronic invoicing involves sending invoices (computer files with the content required by law) from issuer to recipient by electronic means (from one computer, mobile device, etc. to another), signed using recognised digital certificates that assure their authenticity and integrity.

Electronic invoices or e-invoices are fully valid in Spain.

The following legal provisions govern electronic invoicing:

  • Order EHA/962/2007 which develops certain provisions regarding electronic invoicing and the electronic conservation of invoices.
  • Other provisions that affect invoicing in general, and deal with electronic invoicing in some of their sections, are:
    • Royal Decree 1496/2003. Regulations governing invoicing obligations.
    • Directive 2001/115/CE, modifying Directive 77/388/CEE with a view to simplifying conditions imposed on invoicing.


1. Cost savings(1)

This process can save up to €0.75 for every invoice sent, and €1 for every invoice received.

2. Environmental advantages

Reduction in paper print-outs, use of ink, toner, saving costs on the physical storage of invoices, etc.

3. Speed

The electronic exchange of invoices substantially reduces the time taken to manage them.

4. More streamlined management

In terms of archiving invoices, accounting, storage...

5. Security

The use of digital certificates guarantees the integrity of the invoices and the authentication of the issuer.

6. Custodianship of documents

In digital format and in the long term.

7. Optimisation of processes

Reduction of repetitive tasks, human error, internal coordination, avoids the duplication of tasks...

8. Image

Innovation with regard to customers and a competitive and comparative advantage over the competition.

9. Opportunities

It makes collection and payment procedures more dynamic, increases visibility in terms of spotting possible late payments, and facilitates and speeds up the provision of information for inspection purposes.

10. Possibility of bidding in public competitions

Act 56/2007, regarding Measures to Promote the Information Society (LMISI), and Act 30/2007, regarding Public Sector Contracts, both establish the mandatory use of electronic invoices when awarding public state sector contracts.

Savings summary table
Invoice sent Invoice received
Costs of Paper Invoicing Paper: Issue (print, send, and process): €0.75 €1.90
Storage (cabinets, filing, labels, processing...) €1.48 €1.48
Total paper: €2.23 €3.38
Costs with our e-Invoicing platform Platform fees (Invoice issuance and maintenance): €0.36 €0.36
Processing €0.02 €0.02
Total e-invoice: €0.38 €0.38
The saving you make with our platform is: €1.85(€2.23-€0.38) €3.00(€3.38-€0.38)
* Estimated average costs for an medium-size company that deal with an average of 1,000 invoices a year.

Our platform

plataforma e factura

With our platform, integrating electronic invoicing into your company is simple. The entire invoicing process continues in exactly the same way right up to the last stage.

Instead of printing out and sending paper invoices, they will be transformed, signed, and sent electronically using the e-invoicing platform.

The e-invoicing platform is integrated into our electronic banking system. You do not need to install any new applications. Just sign into your electronic banking and you can issue invoices electronically:

  • Without needing an electronic certificate.
  • Without having to adapt to the system of each supplier or customer.
  • With the possibility of ‘saving’ paper.
  • Integrated with your ERP software.

With all the features and functions you need:

Invoices, self-billing, pro forma invoices, and rectification invoices.
Acceptance, rejection, and even the inclusion of comments.
delegated and/or managed signing by the user.
Check the status of invoices: sent, read, accepted, rejected, etc.
Multiple formats
and conversion between formats ‘on the fly’ (Facturae, UBL,...)
VAT books
You can generate books for VAT paid and charged.
Attach files
to the invoice.
  • Store a copy of the invoice signed digitally
  • Store the details of invoices in a database for your consultation.
E-mail notification
sent to recipient and sender communicating any changes in the status of invoices.

Under the ‘invoices payable’ option you will see the invoices sent to you by your suppliers who use our platform or any of the platforms operated by Bankinter, Caja Madrid, Bancaja, Caixa Catalunya, Gobierno de la Rioja or Facturpyme.

You customers can view the invoices you have sent them at any time using the invoices payable option. You can also indicate that you would like an email to be sent to the recipient of the invoice to notify them. To do this, go to Tools > Set-Up > Notifications

If you customers have registered with our platform, invoices will appear under invoices payable as soon as you issue them. They will also receive them automatically if they use the invoicing platforms provided by Bankinter, Caja Madrid, Bancaja, Caixa Catalunya, Gobierno de la Rioja or Facturpyme.

If your customer is not registered with any of the above platforms, they will receive an email letting them know you have sent them an invoice and that they must register. To do so, they must use two codes: one they will receive in that same email, and another that you must generate for them under the option Tools > Set-Up> Manage codes.

Our electronic invoicing platform is fully integrated into some management programmes: Facturaplus Elite, Eurowin 8.0, Sicalwin, B2B Router, Digifactin, Dimoni, Ewin Eniac, etc. In these cases, your management programme will allow you to send and receive invoices without logging into our electronic banking system.

If your management programme is not integrated into our platform, you must export your invoices into Facturae or UBL format and then sign into the electronic invoicing platform to import them.

If you have already registered at your branch of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, log into electronic banking and you will see the E-INVOICE tab. Click on it to log into your e-invoicing platform, where you will find all the options to manage your electronic invoices.

Digital invoices are fully valid under Spanish law and completely comparable to paper invoices.

With our platform, managing your electronic invoices is easy. To find the answers to any questions you might have, check out our handbooks: