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Information on sustainability

  • Information Relating to Sustainability(in Spanish) (PDF 181,24 KB.)
  • Statement on the main adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors(in Spanish) (PDF 916,51 KB.)
  • Non consideration of adverse incidences of investment advice on sustainability factors.
    In the provision of financial advice, GCC is subject to compliance with Regulation 2019/2088, specifically Article 4. This Regulation is complemented by the guidelines of Delegated Regulation 2022/1288, which includes the format and content of disclosure obligations. In this regard, financial advisers in investment matters must report and publish on the website the consideration of adverse incidents on sustainability factors. Currently, GCC does not consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors to the extent that it does not consider in its investment recommendations products that can be classified as sustainable, so the management objectives are not linked to sustainable benchmarks, nor do they have a sustainability objective stated in the investment policy documentation. However, GCC undertakes to continue working and to incorporate adverse event information into its advisory process as soon as possible.