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Funeral Expenses cover

In difficult times, the important thing is to have help and feel that you have been protected.

Cajamar Funeral Expenses Cover deals with all the things that need to be handled when you’re no longer here.


Peace of mind so that can focus on what really matters.


Cover that’s tailored to your individual needs.


Your family will be protected when they need it most.


Payments are adapted to best suit you.

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Funeral expenses cover

Funeral expenses cover for before, during and after the burial, handling everything that needs to be dealt with following the death of a loved one.

Seguro de decesos

Our Funeral Expenses Cover deals with the following..

An asterisk * indicates the optional guarantees available through periodic payment methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Expenses Cover.

Unless otherwise agreed, the following waiting periods are established for each of the guarantees:

  1. For the guarantees covering burial, transfers and travel assistance, complementary family services, educational assistance and repatriation, a period of 20 days is established from the date the insured party is included on the policy.
  2. For the guarantee regarding daily hospitalisation allowance, the following waiting periods are established, unless otherwise agreed:
    • Three months from the effective date of this guarantee for the affected insured party, as established in the Specific Terms and Conditions, except for medical prescriptions.
    • In the case of pregnancy and childbirth, regardless of the terms set out in the previous paragraph, the waiting period will be eight months from the date on which this guarantee is registered for the affected insured party, as indicated in the Specific Terms and Conditions.
  3. Waiting periods shall automatically be waived in the event that the claim is the result of an accident.
  4. Waiting periods will be automatically set at one year if the claim is the result of a suicide.

Yes, the age limit set in the General Terms and Conditions is 99.

Yes. As long as you are up to date with your insurance payments, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are insured and you won’t leave your family with any loose ends.

  • Burial management and expenses: recommended amount according to the insured party’s place of residence, which can be reduced by 10% and increased by taking out Additional Capital for Extraordinary Services (up to doubling the recommended lump sum, with a maximum of € 9,000 in total - recommended amount plus additional).
  • Death/Disability by Accident (Level and Mixed): Choice of lump sum. €10,000, €20,000 or €30,000€, for each guarantee.
  • Daily hospitalisation allowance (level and mixed): Choice of daily allowance, €10, €30 or €50.

Lump sums can be revalued at 3%, at the policy holder’s request.

Yes, and we strongly recommend you do so. Funeral cover includes a guarantee for transfers, and this guarantee applies to the policy regardless of the number of people insured by it, so the policy will be more economical if the whole family is included.

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* Up to 30% discount on the net premium of each insurance policy, depending on the number of insurance products linked to the Club and with a maximum of 1,200 euros per club member/contract. To qualify for the discount, the net premium of each insurance policy must be greater than or equal to €150 per year (except retail insurance and greenhouse insurance with a minimum net premium of €350). The maximum discount of 30%* is available when you have 8 or more policies in place (at least one new one). The discount percentages will be as follows, No. of major policies Minimum premium - % Discount: 2 policies – 3% discount, 3 policies – 5% discount, 4 policies – 8% discount, 5 policies – 11% discount, 6 or 7 policies – 15% discount, 8 or more policies 30% discount. The Insurance Club may also include insurance policies with an annual net premium of less than €150/year. Although these will not count for the purposes of the discount, they would be included in the global amount to spread the cost interest free over affordable monthly payments. The discount on the current account linked to the Club will be applied at the time the policy (which qualifies for the discount) joins the Club. To qualify for the discount, the minimum contract will be 36 months. The following insurance policies qualify for the CLUB: Cajamar Home / Modular Home Insurance , Cajamar Life Insurance (Family / Elite), Cajamar Life Insurance Finance / Mortgage, Cajamar Annual Renewable Funeral Expenses Insurance, Cajamar Accident Insurance (Modular, Flexible, On-line), Cajamar Hunting and Fishing Insurance, Cajamar Modular Retail Insurance, Car Insurance, Cajamar Income Protection Insurance, Cajamar Greenhouse Insurance. Taxation according to current legislation. Find out all about the "Insurance Club" and the terms of the contract at branches of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, and at: www.grupocooperativocajamar.es. 0% finance deal, subject to the terms and risk concession conditions of the entity.

(**)Example of a customer who unifies their insurance: Vehicle Insurance €560/year, Home Insurance €225/year and Home Insurance €270/year. NIR 0.00%. APR 0.00% for an amount of €1,055.00 over a 12 month period, monthly instalment €87.92, final instalment € 87.88 and a total amount due of €1,055.00. Monthly instalments. Spot purchase price and total amount paid in instalments, both €1,055.00.

Funeral Expenses Cover insurance provided by Cajamar Vida, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros. CIF. A-04465555, and other insurance products that are part of the insurance club provided by Cajamar Seguros Generales, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros. CIF.A-04653556, Generali España, S.A., de Seguros y Reaseguros, CIF-A28007268. Brokered by Cajamar Mediación, Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado, S.L.U., CIF B-04428223, entered in the Special Administrative Register of insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers and their senior executives, held by the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP) with registration code OV0014. It has public liability insurance in place in accordance with art. 152, point 1(g) of Royal Decree-law 3/2020, of 4 February, regarding urgent measures. Go to https://www.grupocooperativocajamar.es/es/particulares/productos-y-servicios/seguros/datos-companias-del-obs/ to see the list of Insurance companies that have an agency contract in place with the Linked Bancassurance Operator. Read the terms and conditions of the Insurance Club.Consulta el resumen de condiciones de El Club de los Seguros(in Spanish) (PDF 760,46 KB.).