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The Entity′s history

We have been operating since 1946, when a group of farmers from Chilches felt the need to join together to have a service for “keeping money”; so they decided to set up a credit section within the Service Cooperative operating at the time. A community cannot evolve if it does not tap into the culture and needs present at any given time. This was certainly the understanding of a group of farmers who, with the support of the Council and the Mayor, Domingo Espinosa Isach, managed to set up the Rural Savings Bank in 1966, creating a new Board of Directors and opening a branch in the building located at No. 2, Calle Mayor.

In 1970, having fulfilled all the pertinent legal requirements, the Rural Savings Bank broke away from the Farming Cooperative, taking on its own legal status and changing its name to COOPERATIVA DE CRÉDITO CAJA RURAL LA JUNQUERA DE CHILCHES.

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Having received authorisation from the Bank of Spain, it was entered in Section A with number 90, and began operating with an exclusively agricultural vocation with both the sources and application of resources having to originate in and be ploughed back into agriculture.

Since 1985, and particularly following the enactment of Act 13/89, we have been able to offer our services to people and businesses outside the agriculture and farming sector.

Over the years, Caixa Rural Xilxes has overcome all the changes imposed by banking regulations, always complying with current coefficients and ratios, and adapting its by-laws in line with new legislation and regulations. Always pursuing its goal of serving the people of Xilxes, sharing their joys and hardships, and offering the financial support they need to develop their economic activity and ensure social progress.