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Learn about Factoring


Don't wait until your invoice due dates for payment and protect yourself from possible non-payment (non-recourse factoring).


Get liquidity through the advance payment of your invoices.

reduce tareas

Reduce your paperwork.

riesgo insolvencia

Protect yourself from the risk of customer insolvency.

Advance your credit sales. Factoring is a finance solution whereby you assign to us the invoices you issue to your customers, and we pay you the amounts owing ahead of their due dates. So you can forget about all the paperwork related with customer payments.

Factoring is much more than a cash flow finance tool; it is also a tool to manage payments owing to you and protect you against customer non-payment (non-recourse factoring).

Advantages of Factoring


  • It allows you to have immediate liquidity by collecting invoice payments in advance.
  • It reduces all the paperwork related with customer payments.
  • Credit rating of your customer portfolio.
  • It allows you to protect yourself from the risk of customer insolvency
  • It improves your debt and cash flow ratios by removing accounts receivable from the assigned receivables.

In addition, factoring is an ideal tool to improve the company balance sheet, due to the advantages it offers by avoiding indebtedness on the one hand and converting the customers section (realisable) into cash (available).

This improves the company's debt capacity and financial position.

How does it work?


Factoring is the solution you need, and the way it works is very simple:

Factoring operation diagram.

Discover its advantages.



"Since I signed up for Cajamar's factoring service I feel much calmer. Now my company has backing against any customer non-payments."


It saves you time

"Thanks to Cajamar's factoring service, my company's administration and accounting department is much more productive; now Cajamar is responsible for all the administration related to customer payments."

ahorro de tiempo

Immediate liquidity

"In our company we had a small liquidity problem but thanks to Cajamar's factoring service, we could collect customer payments in advance and we were able to cope with the situation."

liquidez inmediata