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How does PSD2 affect my card operations?

To ensure the safety of your transactions when paying online, please note that, from 14 November, we are strengthening the measures in place to verify your identity when you make a transaction, using a combination of these 3 factors:

Something that you KNOW
(PIN or password)

Something that you HAVE
(Telephone number, card...)

Something that you ARE
(fingerprint, voice, etc.)

To facilitate this authentication process, our Grupo Cajamar APP offers the perfect solution, because it combines:

Something you have: Your mobile phone

algo que tienes tu movil

Something you know: Mobile Signature

algo que sabes tu firma movil

So that you can make transactions quickly and easily.

paso 1 firma movil
paso 2 firma movil
paso 3 firma movil

If you do not have our App, the authentication process is carried out via an SMS, which will ask you to carry out a series of numeric operations until you obtain a result which will be the code you will need to enter in order to make the purchase (Challenge OTP) and therefore please make sure we have an up-to-date mobile phone number for you.

Download App to start
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For your security, we recommend downloading the App from official stores.

Remember that this enhanced authentication applies in online shops in Europe, but the following exceptions do not require strong customer authentication:

  • Transactions for less than 30 euros up to a cumulative unauthenticated amount of less than 100 euros.
  • You have selected a merchant as a trusted beneficiary.
  • We have identified the risk of a transaction with that merchant as low.
  • Transactions initiated by the merchant, mainly subscriptions and deferred payments (MIT). However, these transactions will require an initial strong authentication.
  • Transactions made over the phone or e-mail email (MOTO)

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Your rights when making payments in Europe

EU rules make your electronic payments cheaper, easier and safer.

These rights are set out in the revised Payment Services Directive (DSP2), the Payment Accounts Directive and other EU legislative acts, the purpose of which is to make payments safer and easier.