Financial help for your tax return


We are here to help you with your Tax Return

Whether you owe money or are due a rebate, we can offer the following solutions to try and make it a little easier.


If you don’t want to wait for the Tax Office to pay your rebate, we will advance you 90% of the amount you are due to receive and pay it into your account.

Amount: From €300 to €12,000 (90% of the rebate amount).

Repayment term: Until 30/10/2021


And if you owe them, rest easy. We can finance your tax bill..

Amount: From €300 to €12,000 .

Repayment term: Until 30/10/2021

If you have any questions, we can answer them all

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Submit your tax return online

It’s so simple! You can do it using our remote channels, check out our help section to find out how.

Offer valid until 30/10/2021