You can now apply for consumer loans in Home Banking...

26 de Septiembre, 2017

As of today, you can apply for a Classic consumer loan, completely online, via Home Banking.

Apply for, confirm and sign your Home, Motor or Multiproject loan online, in minutes.

Once the loan is approved (totally online and during the request process), you can formalise it in moments. Configuración del Préstamo

To use this service, please bear in mind the following details.

You must:

  • Be a private citizen, resident in Spain (the service is not designed for non residents, nor for companies or corporate bodies) 
  • Have full, accounting access to your home banking (more than just consulting access) 
  • Be Holder or Co-holder of at least one functioning Euro current account 
  • Have supplied us with a mobile phone number and an email account for contact purposes.


Whatever your needs for personal finance, find your answer here and now. Online, simple, fast.