Secure shopping


Online shopping is easy, quick, and even more reliable, because Caixa Rural Xilxes provides all of its VISA cards with secure payment systems proposed at the international level by the leading brands of cards: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

This online shopping service works exclusively with Visa and MasterCard cards in shops which have opted for this form of secure payment and which usually display the following logos on their websites:

Logo normally displayed by businesses using this secure payment system

We can guarantee your security when shopping at these businesses, if we have your mobile phone number (for example, if we already use it to sign your electronic banking operations). You can request a code that we will send to your mobile in a free SMS, and you must use that code to confirm the transaction instead of entering your card PIN number.

If we do not have your mobile phone number, you can continue to use your PIN number to confirm your purchases. If you wish to add this extra layer of security, contact your usual branch and register your mobile number.

Operations carried out using a PIN will be declined; so, if we do not have your mobile number you should contact your branch or call us on 900 210 303 to register for this service. That way you can continue using secure electronic commerce services.

Increase your security when shopping on line.

Ask your local branch to register you for the new online card payment confirmation system. Authorise your card payments using a code you will receive via text message.

Imagen de los pasos para solicitar y usar el nuevo sistema de confirmación por internet

Operating with the new system

  1. Select payment with VISA or MasterCard on the e-commerce page where you wish to make a purchase
  2. Enter your card details (number, expiry date).
  3. You will receive a free text message on your mobile with the code needed to complete the transaction.
  4. You must enter this code on the e-commerce page to confirm the transaction and complete the purchase.