New deposit in Pounds

Don't worry, don't change.
In Caixa Rural Xilxes we give you reasons not to change

With the new Deposit in Pounds, you now have the comfort and security you seek.

Because we adapt to your needs, we give you a deposit where you choose:

  • the time: from 1 to 12 months.
  • the form of interest settlement: monthly, quarterly or at maturity.
  • to renew the deposit automatically *

Tax issues:

  • For residents in Spain: The interest earned on this deposit is classed as returns on investments and are subject to tax retention in accordance with current fiscal legislation.
  • For non-residents in Spain: No tax withholding.

Minimum amounts: £ 1,000.

*In this case, the interest rate will be referenced on the working day previous to the maturity date