An added layer of Security for your electronic banking

What is Latch?

Latch is a mobile application that allows you to add an additional layer of security to your electronic banking. Through Latch, you can:

  • Lock your electronic banking so it cannot be used even if the passwords are entered correctly. You will also be notified if anyone attempts to access your electronic banking while it is locked.
  • Lock transfers, so you can check your electronic banking service but will not be able to make transfers. In this case, if an attempt is made to make a transfer, this option will be blocked and you will receive a notification.
  • Sign your operations with a code sent by Latch to your mobile via a Push notification.

View the Latch website for more information about the service.


Download Latch for your smartphone

What are the main advantages?

seguridad adicional

Get an additional layer of security

protege be

Protect your electronic banking

programa bloqueo

Set up automatic locking

vigila intentos acceso

Monitor attempts to access your accounts

How do I install Latch?

instalar latch 1

Firstly, initiate the pairing process from the password change option on electronic banking. You will be asked to enter a pairing code.

instalar latch 2

Sign into the Latch app and on the home screen press "Add service".

instalar latch 3

On the Add service screen, click Generate pairing code.

instalar latch 4

Enter the code shown on your app screen into your electronic banking site.

instalar latch 5

Once the pairing process is complete, you will receive a notification on the Latch app.

instalar latch 6

Now you can configure the service locking options!