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Some of the services we offer:

  1. Mobile Banking: Perform enquiries and banking transactions securely from your mobile. Access the service using your own electronic banking PIN and check your accounts, cards, virtual mailbox or financial markets account, as well as share prices. You can also transfer money, pay bills, top-up your mobile or send money via Hal-Cash so as to grant access to money from cashpoints without the need for a bank card.
  2. Notifications. Receive a free notification when transactions are carried out against your account or using your credit cards. It is free to register for the service and all the notifications that are sent are free. Further information. (With a link to the Notification Service section).
  3. Cashpoint Finder, you can locate the closest cashpoint to you, or to a specific address.
  4. Send money to your mobile phone contacts. You can send payments to friends and family members stored in your phone's contacts, without needing their account details.
  5. Bill payments. Pay your bills by scanning the barcode using the camera on your mobile phone.
  6. Products and services. You can look at the products offered by Caixacallosa savings bank, as well as their descriptions.
  7. Contact information.

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